Spring and the Art of Navigating Life Transitions

My dear friend and acupuncturist, Priya Ahuja, shared some beautiful words of wisdom around aging and springtime. So many of us get caught up in the physical expressions of that - whether it be fixating on our wrinkles, winter weight, or something else. I love her ideas on how to let go during the spring and awaken your inner beauty and youth that is inside all of us.

Here is Priya’s message to me:


“Spring is here and a new season is upon us. It is a beautiful opportunity to embrace new-ness and emerge from winter's hibernation. This past winter, I took a beautiful course with one of my teachers, Dr. Jeffrey Yuen. Dr. Yuen is an 88th generation Daoist master of Chinese Medicine. During the course, he spoke about aging and commonly experienced pains we may feel as we age. This course was particularly interesting as the topic of aging can be difficult to discuss in such a youth-obsessed culture.

If you hold deep fears about moving forward through cycles of your life or find yourself longing for the past, know that you are not crazy or wrong. The wisdom of the masters of Chinese Medicine understood these emotional patterns hundreds of years ago. Feeling uncomfortable with getting older is really an imbalance in your energetic body that is calling you to be present. It's just pathology.

There are many things you can do to shift these thought patterns and practice being present. If you are looking to undo deep emotional patterns in terms of your relationship to transition, acupuncture and herbal medicine are invaluable. A clean diet, meditation, and breathwork are daily efforts you can do on your own to stay present.”

I’ve found natural healing processes like acupuncture, yoga, a clean diet, and swapping out my toxic products to be so helpful during these seasonal transitions. I welcome you to reach out to her for support - she is truly amazing!!