Makeup is all about looking and feeling your best. Rebecca's mission as a clean makeup artist is to use only the cleanest, safest, products available. You shouldn't have to worry about what you're putting on your skin, so Rebecca loves to use Beautycounter products, in addition to organic and natural lines, whenever possible.

Hiring a professional makeup artist is an important decision. Whether it's for your BIG DAY, a special event, or your professional headshot, taking care with your makeup is so important. Contact Rebecca to schedule a makeup application, sample safer makeup products, pick out the perfect makeup for YOU, receive a lesson, or to host a makeover party for your friends.



Throughout her career, Rebecca Kirkwood has been passionate about beauty, women's health, and empowering women to feel their best. Rebecca believes that every woman should feel beautiful and that the role of makeup is to enhance one's natural beauty. Her philosophy is to use safer makeup products as a tool to allow her clients to feel radiant, confident, and to let their most beautiful selves shine through.

In addition to her makeup artistry, Rebecca is also an expert in safe skincare and works as a Manager for Beautycounter, the leader in safer skincare. She loves helping individuals find the right personal care products for themselves and their families. 

Since a very young age, Rebecca has shown a true talent in the arts. She had the opportunity to study and practice live-model sketching, painting, and portrait drawing while at university and abroad. Showing an extra interest in shading, color theory, and the human face, Rebecca was naturally drawn to makeup artistry. She believes beauty can be seen in everything and brings that strong artistic eye with her to every makeup application.

Rebecca took her love of makeup artistry to the next level in 2016. She is a graduate of Nina Mua's Intensive Makeup School in NYC, where they covered all of the fundamentals of makeup artistry. Topics included color theory, skin preparation, base matching, skin types, contouring, bridal makeup, airbrush, and eyelashes (strip and individual).

As a bridal makeup artist, Rebecca loves working with each client to understand their individual concerns and needs and to help them feel confident with their final look. She especially enjoys serving her local Brooklyn brides and is active at such venues as the 1 Hotel in Downtown Brooklyn and is showcased as a preferred vendor at the Green Building in Gowanus. 


Rebecca is proud to have been selected to represent Clean Beauty Artists as a lead makeup artist in the New York City region. When booking Rebecca, she brings on board only the best and most talented clean artists to support the job. Check out our website to learn more about Clean Beauty Artists.