what’s safer?

The chemicals in their "Never List” are banned by Beautycounter and won’t be found in the products Rebecca uses. Familiarize yourself with these ingredients and check to see what’s in your makeup bag! Trust us, safer products can be just as indulgent as any other luxe foundation, lipstick, or mascara in the market.

ready to makeover your makeup bag?

Book a personal shopping consultation to receive personalized advice and color suggestions from us. Personal shopping can be done in-person in the Brooklyn area or virtually from anywhere! We’ll review what’s in your bag and ensure you know exactly what to toss and what to replace.

Virtual makeup bag makeovers typically run 45 minutes. Rebecca will ask to see some photos of you and your current products in advance so she can make the best recommendations. Cleaning out your makeup is such an important thing to do, at least once a year, so refresh expired products, adjust to your changing skin, and to experiment with new types of products. This is hands-down one of Rebecca’s favorite service offerings!!


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