This is My Face. No Makeup. No Filters.

Acne is a real thing that affects so many of us, including me. And if you're anything like me, hormones have your skin on a roller coaster. Since stopping nursing a few months ago I feel like my skin looks like an 18 year old again!! Eek!

Well, the photo above is actually me! That's MY BARE FACE after using the new Countercontrol line for 2 months. I also used my beloved Overnight Resurfacing Peeland Balancing Oil before bed every other night. I can't believe I'm sharing my acne with the world but these results are the REAL DEAL and my skin has only gotten better since starting the routine. Can you see how the overall inflammation/redness and small red pimples everywhere have gone down?? I can finally go out confidently without needing to wear foundation.

Now is the perfect time to take control of your breakouts.

Before the new Countercontrol line launched, I'm not gonna lie, I had cobbled together the best products I could find to tackle my acne. I used winners such as the amazingBalancing Charcoal MaskBalancing Oil, and Charcoal Cleansing Bar. But I still struggled with acne, especially when my hormones went up and down after having my daughter, and I was looking for a stronger acne-focused solution.

I must say I'm obsessed with the yummy citrus/grapefruit smell! The toner is so fresh, and the SOS Spot Treatment literally ZAPS my pimples away overnight. (For only $22, this should be in everyone's medicine cabinet!) Reply to this email for help placing an order or to answer any questions you may have.