Summer Calls for a No-Makeup Look

I love a simple makeup routine. Give me a few easy products that will make me feel put-together and I'm happy. To be honest, most days I skip eyeshadow and highlighter and if I'm running around doing errands or am hosting playdates with my daughter, tinted moisturizer plus concealer is all I need for coverage. Check out how I achieve this level of coverage in my newest video!

Spring and the Art of Navigating Life Transitions

My dear friend and acupuncturist, Priya Ahuja, shared some beautiful words of wisdom around aging and springtime. So many of us get caught up in the physical expressions of that - whether it be fixating on our wrinkles, winter weight, or something else. I love her ideas on how to let go during the spring and awaken your inner beauty and youth that is inside all of us.

Here is Priya’s message to me:


“Spring is here and a new season is upon us. It is a beautiful opportunity to embrace new-ness and emerge from winter's hibernation. This past winter, I took a beautiful course with one of my teachers, Dr. Jeffrey Yuen. Dr. Yuen is an 88th generation Daoist master of Chinese Medicine. During the course, he spoke about aging and commonly experienced pains we may feel as we age. This course was particularly interesting as the topic of aging can be difficult to discuss in such a youth-obsessed culture.

If you hold deep fears about moving forward through cycles of your life or find yourself longing for the past, know that you are not crazy or wrong. The wisdom of the masters of Chinese Medicine understood these emotional patterns hundreds of years ago. Feeling uncomfortable with getting older is really an imbalance in your energetic body that is calling you to be present. It's just pathology.

There are many things you can do to shift these thought patterns and practice being present. If you are looking to undo deep emotional patterns in terms of your relationship to transition, acupuncture and herbal medicine are invaluable. A clean diet, meditation, and breathwork are daily efforts you can do on your own to stay present.”

I’ve found natural healing processes like acupuncture, yoga, a clean diet, and swapping out my toxic products to be so helpful during these seasonal transitions. I welcome you to reach out to her for support - she is truly amazing!!

Advice from Pro Photographer

One quiet morning in a local coffee shop, I met with pro photographer Diana Zapata of BlueSpark Photography to chat about how to best prepare for a photoshoot. After lots of chatting (and tea and chocolate banana bread!), I was surprised to learn that Diana is also a safer beauty maven and certified yoga instructor like me! Her own handmade skincare line called Sauca is sold in NYC and online. 

Learn more below and check out her tips!!

What is your biggest advice to women getting a professional photo? How does their makeup affect the final result or editing process for you?

I think it's important to consider the type of session you're getting. A good amount of preparation is necessary but when the session starts, my biggest advice is to let go and enjoy. To not overthink or over plan your shots. Trust your photographer and know that as cliche as it sounds, a true smile and a genuine emotion is what makes you really beautiful and authentic! Of course, makeup plays a big part in that preparation. I think that even a little application goes a long way in helping us feel special, elegant and even a little polished. The final result may just be that you feel more confident! In terms of editing, makeup or no makeup doesn't really make a difference for me, I do color correction and cropping but not a lot more goes into edits. 

It’s so cool that you also have your own handmade skincare line. How did you get involved in the beauty/wellness space? What’s your favorite product from your line and why?

Thank you! I got involved because I wanted to have truly clean products for my day to day beauty routine. I took some aromatherapy workshops and did my own research to create blends like clay masks with botanicals to exfoliate my skin, oils for the face and body to moisturize, healing salves for muscle pain, sleep and relaxation and meditation balms for yoga asana or meditation. My favorite product in my line, Sauca, is hands down the Elixir No. 1, my face oil. I use it morning and evening - it's packed with organic essential oils and it smells so so good! It's light and gentle enough that is quickly absorbed by the skin. It's definitely my go-to before any makeup application and I apply it generously at night.

I invite you to check out Diana’s skincare line, Sauca, and her photography work. I am sure you’ll love her as much as I do!

This Valentine's Day, Gift a Self-Love Photoshoot

I’m THRILLED to be partnering with the oh-so-talented BlueSpark Photography this month in celebration of Valentine’s Day!

Book a couples portrait session or headshot with a makeup service by me for a special price of just $395!

Included in the price is:

  • 60-min photoshoot in the comfort of your home/stoop/neighborhood in NYC/Brooklyn

  • 60-min luxury non-toxic makeup application including false lashes

  • 30 digital photos

Contract must be signed and photoshoot redeemed by April 30, 2019. Wedding services do not apply.

Diana Zapata of BlueSpark Photography has been photographing Portraits and Weddings for the last 9 years. She defines her photography as “uncomplicated, unpretentious and honest”.  She has a soft spot for photographs that evoke real, raw emotion, and will be forever in love with the in-between magic that makes us so human and real. She works to offer her clients a set of photographs that will be timeless, elegant and true. You can find see more of her work by visiting her on Instagram (@bluesparkphotography) and

She is based in Brooklyn, NY but travels to Florida often and will follow you anywhere in the world if that means that she gets to photograph moments of love and union. 

Contact me to schedule your photoshoot and makeup application!

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Valentine's Day Makeup Lesson Promotion

Hi ladies! Do you need help navigating your makeup bag?

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, show yourself (or your partner or daughter!) some self-love with a makeup lesson! Through February, virtual lessons will be $30 for 30 mins, focusing on one topic chosen by you (e.g. complexion, smokey eye, contouring, eyebrows etc.) Local clients, get a hands-on experience and book an in-person lesson for just $125 (30% off).

Book your 30 min virtual session here.

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How to Apply the Flawless in Five Set from Beautycounter

Beautycounter's Flawless in Five set has an updated look! The (incredibly smooth and pigmented) satin powder blush has replaced the previous blush duo and you can now choose either the NEW BROW GEL (whoo hoo!!) or brow pencil. Love these improved options!

Check out my video on how to apply this simple look below.

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